Welcome to nccmk

NCCMK is also known as Covenant Zone we are more than a Christian Church, we are a family of one faith that meet to worship every Sunday. NCCMK is part of a larger network of over 600 branches across the globe. 

We look forward to having you as our guest one of these Sundays. In the main time, feel free to access messages and be inspired to live life much more abundantly.

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Corona Virus outbreak!

Notice To Church Members and Guests

Have you been to an affected area in the last 14 days OR had contact with somebody with Coronavirus? Please click here for information

If yes, to protect yourself and others please stay at home and enjoy the service by streaming online

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Cell/interest groups

Connect with the Church of Christ by joining an interest group close to you. All you need to do fill out your details below and a team leader of a group close to you will make contact. Our cell groups are global and virtual. So distance is not an issue.

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listen to SUNDAY’S message here. Click on the video above when available.

How to Connect

Click on the video image above to join our live stream at 10:30AM on Sundays. For those that prefer Facebook, We stream live on Facebook at 10:30AM on the same Sunday. Please share this link with friends and family.

To get automatic reminders of our live stream, hover over the logo on the video image above and click subscribe. Done! 

You can leave comments on our YouTube channel during the live broadcast. You can also connect via an internet-enabled TV using the YouTube app pre-installed. if you still can’t connect please, contact Blessing Obi-Allison a member of our media team on +44 (0) 7853 863 104.

How To Connect Via ZoOM

Click Here to Join Our Sunday Service

What to expect THIS SUNDAY

  1. The stream will go live with worship music, relax, sing along it’s a new season.
  2. How have you managed to cope during this lockdown? (Call-ins or online comments)
  3. Prayers for the nations and the global Church (New Covenant Church has over 600 branches across the globe)
  4. This month’s theme “Growing God’s Kingdom” Topic – Dressed Ready For Service.
  5. Scripture for the day will be read. (“John 13 1-6″)
  6. Live stream starts
  7. Sharing of God’s word.
  8. End of the stream.