Reach out in god’s name

A live broadcast on Isaiah 61 by Pastor Ignatius Ilaya. Our service is as good as what’s within us. Where we feed from will inform who we are and how […]


An older live broadcast. Exodus Chapter 4 How God used a man named Moses to deliver His people. The Israelites prayed for at least 400yrs for deliverance and God answered […]

Spiritually alive in christ

Take time to think about life beyond your physical body. Become conscious of your inner world/life. God is trying to awaken you to a reality better than the life you […]


It is important to recognise the world not yet visible to us, yet impacts our everyday life. God’s power to intervene in the affairs of men. Let find peace together […]

A life of excellence | 2

You are what God says you are. If you can dare to believe God’s word, you will build up your most holy faith. Listen to this message and be encouraged. […]

the power of relationships | 2

The power of relationships cannot be overstated when it comes to our faith in God. We are not only social creatures, but we also have a need to connect at […]


An excellent life is not a life without challenges, it’s a life resolute by faith and filled with reflection believing that God is more than able to give comfort and […]